Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo
Name Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo
Job Title Group leader
ext. 1966
E-mail : yulinglo@asia.edu.tw
Title: Chief
Year Paper Title
2020 Ciullo, S、Colline, A、Wissinger, D、McKenna, J. W.、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、Osmen, D., Students with learning disabilities in the social studies: A meta-analysis of intervention research. Exceptional Children, EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN, 2020
2020 Tsai, M-H.、Huang, S-R,、 Chang, S-C,、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、Lu, Y-C., Improving the concentration of students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Electroencephalographic analysis on the effect of learning activity interventions, International Journal of Intelligent Technologies and Applied Statistics, vol.13 no.1 pp.51-65, 2020
2016 Ciullo, S.(Ciullo, S.)*、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、Reed. D, A Synthesis of Research on Informational Text Reading Interventions for Elementary Students with Learning Disabilities, JOURNAL OF LEARNING DISABILITIES, vol.49 no.3 pp.257-271, 2016
2016 朱思穎(Szu-Yin Chu)*、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo), Taiwanese families’ perspectives on learning disabilities: an exploratory study in three middle schools, Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs, vol.16 no.2 pp.77-88, 2016
2014 Lan, Y. C.(Lan, Y. C.)*、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、Hsu, Y. S., The effects of meta-cognitive instruction on students’ reading comprehension in computerized reading contexts: A quantitative meta-analysis, EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY & SOCIETY, vol.17 no.4 pp.186-202, 2014
Date of Publication Paper Title
2020.08 羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、黃意婷(Hung, Yi-Ting), Assessing Preschool children’s oral retell with an retell quality scoring rubric: an expository study , 2020 ICEL International Conference on Education and Learning, Aug. 2020, Kyoto, Japan
2019.05 卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo)、孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、林妮燕(Ni-Yen Lin)、Chung-Ta Yang, Story Theater of “New Pinocchio” in Chinese Language Learning , An Action Research - 2019 Global Conference for Educational Research, May. 2019, Sarasota, FL.
2019.05 孫旻暐(MEIN-WOEI SUEN)、Artaria, M. D,、陳貽照(Yi-Chao Chen)、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo)、Chung-Ta Yang、Ee Kean Tan, Special Education: Impact of Social Interaction With Service Robots in the Students With Visual Impairment Under the Different Demographic Factors , 2019 Global Conference for Educational Research, May. 2019, Sarasota, FL.
2019.05 羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、林妮燕(Ni-Yen Lin)、卓美秀(Mei-Hsiu Chuo), Together and better: How a family went through education stages with three children with ADD, ADHD, and learning disabilities , 2019 Global Conference for Educational Research, May. 2019, Sarasota, FL.
2019.03 羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、林依儒、許芳瑀、陳冠締、陳愛嫣、廖佳儀, 文化美感的實踐:以美國中文學校暑期班的中華文化教學為例 , 2019幼兒美感藝術教育國際學術研討會, Mar. 2019, 中華民國/台灣/台中市霧峰區
2019.01 Alyson Collins、Stephen Ciullo、羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、John McKenna, Evidence, Based Practices for Improving Social Studies Knowledge - 2019 Council for Exceptional Children Convention & Expo, Jan. 2019, Indianapolis, IN, USA
2018.11 羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、洪儷瑜, 磨課師於?中資源教室數學教學之探討 , 2018「邁向教育4.0-智慧學教的想像與建構」學術研討會, Nov. 2018, 中華民國/台灣/台北市
2016.10 羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、江欣柏、蔡明學, 提升注意力缺陷不足過動症學童學習專注力:以腦波儀分析學習活動介入效果 , 2016「我們的教育、我們的未來」國際學術研討會, Oct. 2016, 國家教育研究院
2015.04 羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、Linan-Thompson, S., Effects of Description Text Structure Instruction on Third Grade Students with Learning Disabilities. , 2015 Council for Exceptional Children Convention and Expo, Apr. 2015, San Diego, CA, USA
Project Title Participator Period
發展兒童對繪本故事理解與重述的評分標準 (MOST110-2410-H-468-021) 羅育齡(Yu-Ling Sabrina Lo)、黃意婷(Yi-Ting Huang) 2021.08 ~ 2022.12
Category Course Code Course Title Year
大學日間部 43U00082A 教育研究法 112