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About US

At Asia University, our mission is innovating, disseminating and applying knowledge and technology to achieve the progress of society and industry. As well as implementing the mission, we are also committed to pursuing university social responsibility of promoting sustainable economic, social and environmental development. As such, we set up the center for university social responsibility (hereinafter referred to as USR center) in accordance with Article 9 of the Organizational Rules of Asia University.

USR center recognizes itself with a responsibility towards being(or promoting) sustainability of economic, society and environment, and it has various policies, projects and tasks to put the responsibility into practice. The tasks of USR center are as follows:

  1. Assisting in the administrative operation of the University Social Responsibility Advisory Committee.
  2. Assisting in the implementation and achievement of the annual plan work of the university social responsibility program.
  3. To establish the self-evaluation index of achievements in university social responsibility practice and regularly maintain self-assessment reports in order to progressively revise the annual plans and medium- and long-term school development strategies.
  4. To organize the workshops of teachers training on promoting university social responsibility practice.
  5. To coordinate university social responsibility lectures and forums regularly.
  6. To set up incentive policies and systems to expand the breadth and depth for faculties and students to participate in social responsibility practices.
  7. To manage the recruitment and grant plans, and outcome regarding to university social responsibility practice.
  8. To coordinate learning activities regarding to university social responsibility practice standards.
  9. Assisting in the connective to global network on USR.
  10. Other matters concerning the promotion of social responsibility practices in Asia University.


Organizational chart:

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